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I’m an awful food blogger, guys.

by Moratoria

Clearly, I’m really bad at this. I don’t have anything new for you all, and nothing for VeganMoFo. Which is probably because my meals lately have been ridiculously unexciting. I’m dieting again, I need the cleanse after the last few weeks. What gave it away? The stockpile of rice cakes I’ve been accumulating? And without a kitchen, this means I really am just eating rice cakes, whole grain pretzels, rice, fruit, and all the veggies that they steam in the dining hall. Not very exciting reading material, I know. You’re telling me, I have to eat that thrilling list of food right there.

And to be perfectly honest, I’m hungry. I’m always hungry. Ravenous. I crave things like crazy, the bad things. Especially since I’m forced to eat an early dinner and work late, so when I come home after midnight I want another meal. It takes all my willpower to reach for carrots instead of chips, and that’s saying something, because normally I prefer the healthier option. But I’ve been doing it. I need to. My weight loss journey is another post for another time, but I’ve been slipping lately and gaining and that’s not okay. I need to start working out more than I do now. I need to do this the healthy way, which, for me, does include calorie counting, but it also includes eating right. But I won’t lie. It’s not easy, especially not on a limited diet of what the hall kitchen makes. But I have to do it.

Also, it’s a motherlovin’ pumpkin explosion in my blogroll lately. Not that I’m complaining. As soon as it’s fall I’m all like PUMPKIN GET INTO EVERYTHING I EAT FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS. I wish I had a kitchen. Or a blender. Please. I might go veganize the Pumpkin Smash at Jamba Juice just to get a pumpkin fix. Pumpkin, why are you so good?

What about you all? What works for you when you need to watch what you eat? Are you in love with pumpkin?