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Sugar highs

by Moratoria

This weekend has been a sugar high weekend. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to post of the deliciousness I baked because I was super unhealthy and binged and ate basically all of it. Banana bread (I have never been so happy to come home to bunch of black bananas) and chocolate chip cookies¬†cookie dough. It was glorious.

Now I’m sitting the bus back to school and going insane because THERE’S SO MUCH SUGAR IN MY SYSTEM GUYS. I can’t figure out if I’m enjoying this or scared. Pretty sure the person next to me is a little freaked out… I wish I hadn’t left all the banana bread at home. Not that there was more than like a slice left. Oops.

I really do need to stop doing this, though. I’m gaining weight… I know I’ll lose it pretty quickly once I stop eating like this, but still.

But in non-vegan news, I finally got my nose pierced. Didn’t hurt much at all and isn’t giving me too much trouble yet, knock on wood. It’s only a few days old though.

This is a really awful VeganMoFo post so I’m not even going to count it. I’ll start being better this week, I promise. I suck at this.