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Manna Bread + measuring cups

by Moratoria

So, Manna Bread. I’m kind of in love.

I first tried Manna Bread as a free sample at a local veggie fest over the summer, not really having any idea what to expect since I had never heard of it before. I think it may have been the Multigrain loaf. Vaguely sweet, very moist, it definitely had that hey-I’m-probably-really-healthy-for-you aftertaste which I happen to love  like tolerate, but takes a little getting used to if you don’t love eating whole grains. I didn’t actually pick any up at the time, so I forgot about it for a while.

Then I was at the store Saturday night during one of my rare trips- I’m too broke, plus I can only buy what I can fit in a backpack, thanks to my bike – and I saw the Carrot Raisin version. So I bought it. And took it home and defrosted it and promptly ate half the loaf.

I need to get a plate. This is embarrassing.

Yeah, it’s that good.

Cake-y and sweet and carrot-y and raisin-y without being overpowering, you can tell it’s bread but it’s not really bread. It’s bread deciding that it’s just going to be awesome, just because. It’s oil-, salt-, and sweetener-free (hell yeah), organic, full of fiber and sprouted grain goodness, and is some tasty, tasty stuff. I’ll probably eat it for breakfast for the rest of the week, unless I devour it all tomorrow or something.

If you like Food for Life’s Ezekiel breads, you’ll probably like Manna Bread. It IS expensive, though. Not college-kid-with-a-less-than-minimum-wage-job friendly, so I won’t be buying it often, but I’ll be splurging every once in a while, because hell, it’s probably the healthiest splurge ever. It’s minimally processed, not too high in calories for this dieting girl, and keeps me full so I don’t die when I have to eat salads for lunch and dinner. Like I did today, which is why there’s no actual meal blogging happening up in hurr.

In other news, I bought measuring cups! Finally. I don’t know why I’ve never brought mine from home. I even have that fantastic little thing, a tablespoon? You may have heard of it? Now I can’t pretend I don’t know how many peanuts I’m eating. Not that I eat them out of the container or anything  do that more than once a day.

This means there could be real recipes! With measurements and shit! Well, by recipes I mean things I swipe from the dining hall and nuke in the microwave. But that’s still cooking, amiright?

What about you all? What’s some of your healthy splurges? What do you like to throw in the microwave and still be obnoxiously proud of?