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The usual

by Moratoria

I love Hugh Jass salads.

It’s my go-to lunch/dinner. It’s basically what I lived off my first year in school, with the occasional PB&J thrown in there. I still eat salads a lot, although lately I’ve been leaning towards hot meals since it’s been ungodly rainy and cold lately. But still. I love them so, like the good little vegan I am.


This is “The Usual”. It’s a starving-college-student-raiding-the-salad-bar-for-everything-that-doesn’t-look-like-it’s-been-sitting-out-for-a-week salad. There are many variations, but this is the most common one I eat. It’s not too complicated:

-Obnoxious amounts of lettuce
-Obnoxious amounts of spinach
-Edamame, or chickpeas, or whatever the hell they have as a protein source
-Sunflower seeds


That’s it. Assemble. Toss thoroughly. Inhale because you’re probably late to get back to work. Repeat. Sometimes there are saltine crackers, too. Gotta have my carbs. No dressing for me. It’s quick, filling (it’s a Hugh Jass, after all), and pretty damn healthy.

It’s essential to my survival here.

What about you? What is your go-to meal?