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Breakfast of champions

by Moratoria

I had a kitchen this weekend, thanks to staying at a friend’s. So there was much baking, as there usually is when I’m around one for more than a hour.

I made pumpkin cheesecake. And regular cheesecake. In one. And it was good.


Well, that’s blurry. I suck, guys.

I used SusanV‘s recipe for Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake, tweaked it a little bit based on what I had lying around, and promptly stuck the cheesecake in the fridge because it needed to cool and it was already 2 am, forcing myself to wait until the next morning to have it.

I ate 1/4 of the cheesecake with a tall glass of rice milk. Breakfast. Of. Champions.


Is it fat free? No. Healthy? Not particularly, although there actually isn’t a crap ton of sugar or anything happening. It IS dessert, though. Not healthy baking, not even kinda-sorta-maybe-I-put-applesauce-in-it healthy baking. But that’s why I left it with my friend, so I wouldn’t eat all of it in a day. By myself.

But was it worth it? Hell yeah.

Also, tomorrow is Vegan Baking Day! I don’t know about you all, but I’m celebrating- I’m going to have a kitchen tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’m making yet, though. I’m feeling cookies. Or brownies. Or everything.

And in other news: LISTERIA IN MY CANTALOUPES WHAT. This is not okay. And if I get listeria from the fruit I ate today, I’m going to be SO pissed.