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The facts

by Moratoria

I’m Michelle. I’m a vegan. And I am in college.

Losing my kitchen was extremely traumatic. Suddenly, instead of being able to make myself something healthy, I was confronted with an endless buffet of french fries. How was I going to possibly survive without my food processor? My freezer? That miraculous, miraculous invention called a stove? And don’t even get me started on the oven. I’m a stress baker. If this girl cannot bake, someone’s going to die.

So I ate salads for my first year. I resigned myself to an endless diet of white rice and veggies, the only guaranteed vegan options in the dining hall. I decided that apparently I didn’t need protein anymore, because as much as I love tofu, the freezing cold stuff from the salad bar wasn’t going to cut it. Unless they happened to have hummus. Then I ate hummus like it’s going out of style. I was Hummus and Carrots Girl, ravenously devouring dry carrot sticks and that sweet golden nectar of the gods, which I knew they had just bought in mass quantities somewhere but I didn’t care because it was so good and OH MY GOD IS THAT PROTEIN?

And then it dawned on me – I could be creative. I didn’t have to eat peanut butter and jelly every single day (though I can, and I most definitely would), or choke down cauliflower so bland I didn’t think it was possible (I’m looking at you, steamed veggies). Even if I don’t have a blender, I could toast things, combine things, put things in microwaves, and sometimes be extremely excited when the dining hall. Cooked. A. Vegan. Dish. That actually didn’t taste like total crap!

Hummus and Carrots is a record of the rest of my time as a college vegan, trying to make the best of the situation while still retaining some semblance of healthy diet. I love healthy food. Who am I kidding? I’m a health nut, I love the way exercise and whole foods make me feel, even if it isn’t always easy. This is my attempt at not gaining 43934832 lbs without having having to eat broccoli 24/7, a chronicle of my fitness journey as I attempt to lose the last of my extra weight, and a running commentary on being an alternative girl at large state university. But mostly, it will be about food. If I make something I’m proud of, it’ll probably show up here. If I make something I’m not proud of it, it’ll probably end up here, too. And if I eat hummus and carrots? Yep, you’re gonna hear about it. Why? Because just because you’re in college, eating out of a dorm dining hall, doesn’t mean you have to live off of french fries and the same salad every day. It’s not always easy, fun, or even as healthy as I’d like, but it’s an adventure in cooking/combining crap together. And who doesn’t love tasty food adventures?

Hopefully you’ll join me on this journey. If anything, just to commiserate with me as I navigate a meat-centric world where I can’t even cook for myself.

Or look at pictures of carrots. That’s cool, too.