The Girl

I’m Michelle, aka Moratoria. I write. I eat. I exercise. I love healthy food, especially homemade healthy food, and have been vegan ever since I realized cruelty-free eating was the best choice for myself, animals, and the planet, and I’ve never looked back from the peaceful path. My realization that you are what you eat lead to my choice to finally start eating natural, minimally processed, whole foods to help me lose the last of my extra weight – a journey I am currently on. I’m not perfect, I’m in love with baking, and sometimes the meals I cook aren’t quite as healthy as I intended them to be. But becoming vegan started my love affair with health and cooking and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m an experienced practitioner of sarcasm and snark. I dye my hair pink and wear combat boots. I’m a ballet and modern dancer, American Tribal Style belly dancer, copy editor, and sometimes alternative model. When I’m not cooking, I enjoy writing, folking it up with my guitar, tattoos, alternative fashion, paganism, dark makeup, photography, dyeing my hair, yoga, synthetic dreads, modern choreography, making things, and smashing patriarchy.

I swear. A lot. An occasional f-bomb will most definitely find its way into my posts. Usually when I’m talking about the obnoxiousness of classes or people. Yep, usually then.

Hope to see you around!



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