It starts today.

by Moratoria

No more bingeing. No more unhealthy foods. No more “off” days. No more procrastination. No more starvation diets. No more excuses.

Today, I choose to do what is healthy for me. I choose to eat good, clean foods. I choose to actively drink water. I choose to exercise healthy amounts, strength AND cardio. I choose to do it the healthy way this time. I choose to not give in. I choose not to need sweets. I choose to eat fruit instead. Yet I choose not to deprive myself and therefore I choose not to fail. I choose to do something for myself for once. I choose to change.

I will be fit. Thin. Beautiful. But most of all, I will be healthy.

And I will do it for me.

It all starts today. Will you start with me?

UGW: 95 lbs Pounds don’t matter. I will know when I am there. Just inches off and muscle on.


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